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A street rat standing up to the cat. Video

Уличная крыса дала отпор кошке. Видео Eyewitnesses filmed the unusual event on the streets of Europe.

What it is that in extreme situations, the rat can attack any animal, including humans.

Tell me what against rats have such “terrible” beast, like a cat. But if the cat goes out a winner at the meeting with the rat?

We invite you to watch a video made by a resident of Luxembourg (Esch-sur-Alzette) is a kind of Cloud, who witnessed as a cat catches a rat near the grocery store, but… there it was, a small predator gives it back, moreover, it plunges pussy in cowardly flight, harassing and humiliating her than very puzzled operator.

The cloud not only lifted this scene on your smartphone, but then uploaded video to the Internet as something amazing. However, users of the world wide web is not very surprised at this situation, almost everyone remembered how he had observed something similar.

And one user even told the story of how he once drove a street rat in the corner of the building and was triumphed, but… there is the animal shrieked and threw themselves at the man. And that in the truest sense of the word ran from the rats as from the terrible beast.

So the cat in this case can be understood. Of course, it is not a bold call, but it’s still a pet, which has long been humanised, and therefore, right, took over from their owners not only habits, but also the subconscious fear of the rats. Anything can happen…

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