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A strange phenomenon that can not explain the researchers. Photo

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. ФотоIn our world many amazing and unexplainable things.

Despite the fact that science today is the main and best way of understanding the world around us, it is not even able (yet) to answer all your burning questions of humanity. Some of them seem not very complex, but the exact answer is still no! This happens in part because science as a way of knowing, can not give one answer, not to put behind him a dozen new questions.

1. Black holes

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. Фото

At the moment it is considered that a black hole is a region of space-time, gravitational field which is so great that leave him unable even objects moving at the speed of light. It also refers to the intensity (its quantum). The boundary of the black hole is a region called the event horizon.

It is noteworthy that at first the existence of black holes proved physics, based on Einstein’s equations. In the sky, using telescopes such bodies found much later. How are black holes – the great mystery for scientists. In this respect there are many theories, the most popular of which States that these bodies appear in the Wake of collapse (compression) of a sufficiently massive star. In this case a black hole is still a super massive star that is compressed indefinitely, continuing to increase its mass due to the absorption of space.

Calculations of physicists say that black holes distort time itself, and the usual laws of physics there does not apply. For example, if a spaceship (hypothetically) turned into a black hole, he would approach her singularity (the center) the faster, the more you tried to distance yourself from him and leave the hole.

2. The placebo effect

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. Фото

One of the most mysterious for medicine and science in General effects is the “placebo effect”. If you never had a chance to hear about him, explain that we are talking about the miraculous cure of illness with faith alone. And it is not about religious practices, and about the self. In other words, the people (hypothetically) can be healed from any ailment, just take it.

All this may sound strange, but even in the XX century in a number of countries have conducted experiments with people in a state of depression. The essence of the experiments was to ensure that these people were “cheating” instead of giving them antidepressants pills pacifiers, claiming that this new super effective depression remedy. Amazingly, the vast majority of people really were healed, thinking that uses real medicine.

Despite the fact that today’s evidence-based medicine casts serious doubt on the significance of the placebo effect, doctors have likewise fails to prove the absence of this is found in nature.

3. Beef compass

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. Фото

The fact that many living organisms have so-called “natural compass” science knows for a long time. The simplest examples here are migratory birds and whales. To understand where the South and North where the planet appeared to know how many insects and some arthropods.

An unexpected addition to the company’s holders of natural compass were representatives of the cattle. The fact that the herd of cows and bulls are not as horrible, but in a strictly prescribed manner. This fact researchers found, after studying numerous pictures of grazing cows. It also became known that while the cattle grazing, he always prefers to follow the herd strictly from North to South. Why cows behave exactly is not known, but it is quite obvious that cattle are able to feel the action of the magnetic fields of the planet.

4. Contagious yawning

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. Фото

Everyone remembers from childhood, that yawn in the company of people very well. It is therefore customary to cover your mouth when you want to yawn. Many have also noticed that the yawn of such a disease and one person in the company to yawn as it starts to do all the rest. Why it happens – science is also not known.

In this respect there are a lot of different theories. The most convincing suggests that at the level of instinct, the human body perceives a yawn of another, as a signal of the body about the lack of oxygen. A yawn accompanied by a deep sigh, helps to fix it.

5. Resistance to cancer

Странные явления, которые не могут объяснить ученые. Фото

Cancer is a disease that begins as a result of failure of cellular mechanisms and the formation in the body is “malfunctioning” cells. Get cancer not only people but many animals. It is noteworthy that the more a living organism, the naturally higher chance of getting cancer. However, there are organisms is almost completely resistant to this disease. It is noteworthy that these include the largest of the mammals, namely whales and elephants, which completely violates the described “regularity”.

Why are these animals so rarely get cancer – an Enigma for science. Scientists and doctors for decades desperately trying to unravel the secret of nature, but so far there are only a few more or less consistent theories. The most optimistic suggests that the secret to elephants and whales lies in their genes and evolution itself have made them incredibly resistant to cancer at the genetic level.

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