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A star from another galaxy appeared in the milky Way

Звезда из другой галактики появилась в Млечном ПутиRecently, scientists have noticed a strange star in the constellation URSA major, which is not similar to any neighboring star in our galaxy.

Experts can’t say exactly whence came the cosmic body, called experts J1124 + 4535, and why has a strange chemical signature.

Studies using spectroscopic telescope showed that the star contains a small amount of magnesium and iron, while the concentration of these elements in the neighboring bodies is much greater.

Another interesting conclusion of Japanese experts star contains too much europium. This item was larger than the Sun, which is very ironic and curious.

From this astronomers concluded that the star may be a galactic outsider, that is, the remnant of the once previously-existing dwarf galaxy. Perhaps it was absorbed by the milky Way, this theory requires more evidence.

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