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A spectacular poster of punk horror “Ranger”

The horror film The Ranger takes the spectators back in the heyday of one of the most vivid and wild subcultures. In this case, the location of the painting to become dense forest.

The young Chelsea and her friends are having problems with the police, so leaving the city, they go on the run. Having a supply of a hallucinogenic drug called “Echo”, the guys are going to have a fun time at the family cabin in the woods, until things settle down. However, Chelsea somehow afraid to go back there, but not telling your friends about it. Finally the past catches up with a girl and now the whole company will be faced with an enraged Ranger with an axe.

Castes made Chloe Levine (“Mr. Robot”), Jeremy S. Hill (Judge), Nicholas Tucci (“You are dead!”) and Larry Fessenden (“I sell the dead”).

In the Director’s chair — Jennifer Wexler, producer of such films as “Like me” and “Psychopaths”.

Very limited release in cinemas in the United States will begin August 17, and then, closer to the fall, “the Ranger” will appear on the video.

Topic: RANGER announces the hunt for punks (TEASER TRAILER)

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