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A species which is erroneously believed to be extinct. Photo

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. ФотоThey are still on the verge of extinction.

It turns out that in the world there are animals that it is in vain for a long time was thought to be extinct from the face of the Earth. There are animals, which biologists decades and centuries remember with sadness, and then suddenly this kind reborn somewhere in the remote jungle, where civilization rarely gets.

Life again finds the path to the light until the person is too far away to harm to flora and fauna. In this list you will be introduced with those creatures that the scientific community had long been buried, and then was incredibly happy to admit their error.

25. Night snake Hypsiglena unaocularus

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This little black / brown snake found only on the island of Clarion (Clarion) near the Pacific coastline of Mexico. This kind of reptile for 80 years was considered extinct until researchers under the leadership of Daniel Mulcahy and Juan Martinez Gomez (Daniel Mulcahy, Juan Martinez Gomez) have not found it again in may 2014.

24. The Przewalski’s Horse

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Przewalski’s horse is considered the last surviving subspecies of wild horse. She once almost extinct in the wild. This was mainly due to crossbreeding with types of domesticated horses. Fortunately, thanks to reproductive effort at the junction of the 20th and 21st centuries, this species has successfully bred again, and the population of wild Przewalski’s horses once again inhabited by several areas of the Mongolian steppes.

23. Alcantarine — group of lobe-finned fish

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Fish squad Alcantarine is some of the most amazing extinct creatures that were rediscovered in the wild. Previously, scientists believed that these rare lobe-finned fish disappeared about 65 million years ago, i.e. during the age of dinosaurs. But to the amazement and delight of researchers in 1938 the species was re-discovered in the waters of South Africa. Before alcantarine was considered the missing link in the evolutionary chain between aquatic animals and those who first left the ocean and permanently moved to land.

22. Sonality cieleski possum or opossum, possum, Chiloe, kolokolo

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Original name of this animal – Monito del Monte, which translates as mountain monkey. However, do not believe him, because in front of you is not a Primate, namely a tiny South American opossum. Colocolo sometimes called a “living fossil” and is a nocturnal animal that lives mainly in trees, was the only surviving representative of long-extinct order of marsupials – microbiotheria (Microbiotheria).

21. Ant kind Gracilidris

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This special view of the night ant, Gracilidris, were thought to be long extinct – the approximately 15-20 million years ago. However, one Hey (specialist ants), familiar with ancient fossils of this insect and its anatomy, I learned the distinctive features of Gracilidris live ant discovered in South America in 2006 during another scientific expedition.

20. Night parrot

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

One of the most elusive and mysterious birds on earth, the night parrot is a small parrot that lives only in Australia. Haven’t seen him for many years – from 1912 to 1979, and scientists decided that this bird simply died out. Since then, however, the night parrot was noticed several times already. Most often this was evidenced by the nature lover and professional photographer John Yang (John Young), who managed to take some photos and videos of endangered species, once considered extinct forever.

19. Toad species Atelopus ebenoides

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This toad lives in Colombia, and from 1990-ies was considered extinct because of a pathogenic fungus outbreak, which killed hundreds of amphibian species throughout the world. However, in 2006 the toad Atelopus ebenoides was newly discovered that gives hope for the resurrection and other species affected chytridiomycosis caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.

18. The California Condor

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

The wingspan of this beauty reaches up to 3 meters! The California Condor is the largest bird in North America. This magnificent creation is extinct in the wild in approximately 1987, when the last 27 American vultures were caught and sent to the program to restore the numbers of this rare and endangered species. After 4 years bred in captivity, California condors back into the natural environment in several States of the United States for further dissemination across the continent.

17. Takahe or wingless barbatus

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Once the bird was found almost throughout New Zealand, but now she lives on the South island (South Island). Takahe is a large flightless bird with powerful beak and thick red legs. In the early 20th century the wingless barbatus for a long time no one saw, and the watchers came to the conclusion that this species is extinct. However, in 1948, Dr. Joffrey, Orbell (Geoffrey Orbell) newly discovered takahe in the remote forests of the massif Murchison (Murchison).

16. Shrew species Cryptotis nelsoni

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This creation dwells in the heart of the slopes of the volcano San Martin (San Martin) in the East of Mexico. For the first time Cryptotis nelsoni was detected by the researchers by Nelson and Goldman (E. W. Nelson and E. A. Goldman), who, during his scientific expedition of 1894 immediately faced with 12 individuals of this species. Over the next couple of hundred years never to have seen, and cute animals considered completely extinct. But in 2004, scientists again found these animals in the same area as the naturalists of the 19th century.

15. Bermuda titunik

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

One of the most famous in the scientific community of animals that were considered extinct, but back in our life, considered the Bermuda titunik. This sea bird of medium size, living mainly in Bermuda. When Christopher Columbus sailed past Bermuda in 1492, there was observed a population of approximately 500 000 pairs, but by 1620 as a result of uncontrolled hunting on this species, the Bermuda titannica was never seen again and was considered extinct. In 1951, after almost 320 years, this rare bird was rediscovered.

14. Giant lizard of El Hierro (El Hiero)

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Unique reptile was discovered on the island of El Hierro, the smallest island of the Canary archipelago. Previously, the giant lizard lived nearly all Canaries, but in the 1930-ies due to uncontrolled hunting of these animals, they are seemingly extinct. Fortunately, in 1974 a local shepherd found a small population of this animal, inexpressibly delighted the scientific community with his discovery. Now the island has about 300-400 individuals. Lizard of El Hierro is very rare in Europe and one of the 5 rarest reptiles in the world.

13. Forest turtle Heosemys depressa.

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This is a very rare species of turtle that lives in the bamboo forests of Arakan mountains in the West of Myanmar (Myanmar). Forest turtle Heosemys depressa. – polyubopytnee animal that was thought to be extinct from the face of the Earth in 1908. Naturalists believed that the reason for the extinction of the species was the destruction of their natural habitat. The turtle was discovered again in 1994 when several individuals came up for sale in Asian grocery stores.

12. Javanese elephant Elephas maximus sondaicus

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Once the elephants flourished throughout the island of Java, but with the emergence in Southeast Asia of Europeans this animal is almost extinct. Scientists believed in the disappearance of Javanese elephant until 2003, while researchers have not found that bernaski dwarf elephant by all indications, the probable descendant of the Java giant. Local residents believe that hundreds of years ago, elephants from Java were somehow delivered to the neighboring island of Borneo.

11. Lizard Phoboscincus bocourti

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Rare lizard Phoboscincus bocourti grows to 50 centimetres in length, and was re-discovered in 2003 on the island of New Caledonia (New Caledonia) in the South Pacific, when it has long been believed extinct. This species of reptiles was considered completely extinct, as he saw it only once – as much in 1876. It was not until 2003, when French scientists discovered a live specimen on the Isle of pines. Now Phoboscincus bocourti is listed in the International Red book and is on the verge of destruction.

10. The Florida Panther

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

The Florida Panther is the rarest subspecies of Cougars and one of the brightest examples of animals whose existence once was in “critical condition”, and whose number is still with great difficulty were restored. By 1970, the population of these wild cats are very sharply reduced to just 20 individuals in the wild. Thanks to the protection measures and control over the growth of population by 2013, scientists were able to increase the number of Florida pumas to 160 individuals, but they are still on the verge of extinction and struggling to survive.

9. Salmon species Oncorhynchus kawamurae

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Salmon Oncorhynchus kawamurae is a subspecies of sockeye salmon that once swam in the waters of the Japanese lake tazawa (Tazawako). In the 1940s the rare salmon was considered completely extinct after work hydroelectric reservoir greatly raise the acidity level. Fortunately, the living population of these fish was recently discovered in a different lake where eggs Oncorhynchus kawamurae was released in 1935 during the previously unsuccessful program for reproduction of endangered species.

8. Dryococelus australis

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This amazing stick insect – a huge nocturnal insects that inhabited once the whole volcanic island of Lord Howe (Lord Howe Island) in Australia. A rare flightless insect was discovered in 1788, and in the 1920s it was considered extinct because of the people brought here by rats and mice, caused the local ecosystem to a serious damage. However, in 1960, Dryococelus australis was again seen, but on the volcanic island of balls Pyramid (Balls Pyramid), located just a few kilometers away from Lord Howe.

7. The Cuban solenodon or takahe

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This is a small curious creature, known for its poisonous saliva, and there is the Cuban solenodon. Takahe – an extremely rare mammal, and in the history of its study, researchers found a total of 36 individuals. In 1970, the Cuban solenodon even considered completely extinct since 1890 they have never been met. Fortunately, since 1974, these animals showed up again, and zoologists have confirmed that they still live in some areas of Eastern Cuba.

6. Billed woodpecker

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Billed woodpecker – one of the largest species of woodpeckers in the world, and he grows up to 51 cm in height with a wingspan of up to 76 centimeters. Due to the destruction of their natural habitat and excessive hunting of white-billed woodpeckers have almost disappeared from nature, but in 2005 they were accidentally caught on video in the area of the swamps of Arkansas, USA. Now this bird listed in the Red book under the status of “critical state” of its population.

5. Giant squid

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Recent studies have found that giant squid, enormous deep-sea cephalopods, reaching up to 13 meters in length, may forever disappear from the face of the Earth. The exact reason why the population of this smartest marine animal has become very dramatically reduced, is still unclear. One of the probable reasons is the abundance of sperm whales (feed on giant squid) in the habitat of the endangered cephalopods. Though no less mysterious to the science are considered by themselves, these squids because they live at the bottom of the deepest seas, where they are very difficult to closely monitor.

4. The Caspian horse

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

The Caspian horse is a breed of small horses, an ancient form of domesticated horses, first appeared in the North of Iran, and considered to be extinct in the 7th century ad, when the collapse of the Persian Empire. This view seemed completely lost for nearly 1300 years until it suddenly opened again in 1965 in a small Iranian village. An extinct animal was discovered by the breeder of Iranian horses, Louise Firouz, the American woman (Louise Firouz).

3. View eagle Eutriorchis astur

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

Madagascar Eutriorchis astur eagle is a bird of prey of medium size and rare species of the feathered inhabitants of the tropical forests of Madagascar. Natural habitat of this animal is undergoing a strong change that deplorable effect on the population of the entire fauna of the region. Some time Eutriorchis astur and were considered to be completely extinct, but recently, individuals of this species newly discovered in the wild.

2. Rocky the flying squirrel

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

It is not only the world’s largest flying squirrel, but the most rare representative of its subfamily. Rocky the flying squirrel lives high in the mountains of Northern Pakistan to the most inaccessible to human areas and this is why for the first time the scientific community has learned about its existence on the skins of local markets. Nocturnal animal have not seen the last few decades, and it was decided to declare it extinct. In 1996, rocky the flying squirrel was re-discovered in remote Tibetan and Himalayan forests. Today was about 10 specimens of this rare rodent.

1. Ant species Nothomyrmecia macrops or dinosaur ant

Виды животных, которых ошибочно считали вымершими. Фото

This insect is also sometimes called the revived fossil. Nothomyrmecia macrops is one of the most illustrative examples of what looked like ancient ants that lived on our planet for almost 100 million years ago. A live specimen of the dinosaur ant was first found in 1931 in the far West of Australia. Since then, this insect never met, and scientists considered it extinct. However in 1977, a thriving colony of these ants was discovered unexpectedly over 1,200 km from the first discovery in 1931 – in the area of the Eyre Peninsula (Eyre Peninsula) South Australia.

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