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A sociologist, on why mass searches in the headquarters of Navalny attracted a lot of attention

Социолог — о том, почему массовые обыски в штабах Навального не привлекли много внимания

“In Russia, people are alienated from politics, consider it dangerous and immoral business”

Thursday, September 12, at the headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Russia have been searched, security officials came to the apartments and offices of about 150 people in more than forty cities in the framework of the criminal case on money laundering. This is the first such mass actions of the security forces against the regional headquarters of the Bulk, and questioned and searched not only the employees themselves but also their relatives, including elderly parents. In the social networks hardly discussed the defeat of the regional network. Znak.com talked with the CEO of the Fund “Socium” Alexander by Dolganova about why the Russians, including opposition-minded, a little interested in this topic.

— The fact that after the Moscow protests (for fair elections) there are people who have received real terms, they seriously take the rap for everything that has happened, they are innocent victims, although in reality have not done anything illegal. In this row the situation with searches in the headquarters of Navalny observers might not seem so heavy.

People who are highly outraged by the repression Navalny and employees of his headquarters in different cities of Russia, in fact, not very much. This number correlated with the number of his supporters, which, according to all polls, is within a few percent. This is a fairly small part of the population of Russia in General. Perhaps that is why the reaction is so weak.

Of course, Navalny has supporters, they are loyal to him, but they are very hard. Bulk still much discredited means of propaganda in the eyes of the people. It as not known, the most primitive: “CIA”, “Mossad agent” and so on. Even in the field of political science, sociology know colleagues who are convinced of this, what can we say about the inhabitants, on which are propaganda films and mocking stories. The population is deprived of objective information about domestic and foreign policy, is eating these versions and believe them. Therefore, the masses relate to Bulk, to put it mildly, suspicious.

In addition, the Bulk have feature. Because he is a man, as it seems, with an authoritarian streak, he puts the problem of broad alliances with other prominent opposition members, relying on yourself, acting independently. Because he has a very principled position, and people with similar views to him, but are willing to negotiate with the government (recall the story of Nytol Federmesser), criticized them in certain political situations, is also is not much support and often criticized by the opposition. He is credited with authoritarianism.

Социолог — о том, почему массовые обыски в штабах Навального не привлекли много вниманияAlexander Romanov Dolganovsky

Investigations FBC looking tens of millions of people. The idea is that it should add supporters, but the people are watching this, make conclusions for themselves, but I think the vast majority the conclusion is that “butt Whipping do not destruct, all steal, we once again convinced of this. But we have no way to influence it can not.” Someone thinks that Navalny is doing your investigate on someone else’s plums, he is just a toy in the hands of different clans. But the structure and content of his investigations show that they are built on open information and additional plum is not particularly needed.

Perhaps compromising and creating unions, may be, Navalny has achieved great success.

Maybe not. Vladimir Lenin, too, for the most part in his writings to criticize those who could be his ally, much stiffer than the tsarist government. History shows that such a tough stance and disregard of the unions is possible in the revolution to victory, the first came after all, Vladimir Ilyich.

— A few months ago, people are actively interested in the criminal case against journalist Ivan Golunova. I want to understand what the difference is between him and the headquarters of the Bulk and their relatives who have nothing to do with it. Why is the first all ready to support and the other doesn’t? It may be that the searches of the employees Navalny is perceived as a “cost of their profession”?

— Politics as a sphere of activity, the scope of human power, profession, and very much discredited. This is done for a long time and deliberately. Politician — a person, by definition, fighting for power, tending to her. He may fight within the law, nonviolent methods, whatever. The politics even within the law in our society is considered something indecent. Politics becomes a sphere, from which people try to stay away, and politicians are considered arrogant or insane, although in reality the politician is completely normal in any normal democratic society.

In a democratic country, if any party or group in power, this means that while it is successful for her vote. As soon as she begins to make mistakes or past successes disappear, they are replaced by an opposition party or policy, and nothing in this terrible there. These policies begin to solve the problems created by previous political force. If they do it successfully, then re-elected — if not, then shifted. This allows the society to be healthy.

This process in our country discredited. Opposition politicians considered to be enemies, although it’s the patriots who wish the good of his country, just think that it must be achieved by other methods. Official patriotism is reduced to public adoration of power. And for her to love? This power in a democratic country would long ago have been swept away in the elections because six years of lowering the living standards of the General population is too much for these politicians continued to vote. But we all arranged so that they and the elections are destined to win and even the idea that the government can be different, it is considered rude and hostile.

Therefore, people are alienated from politics, not passionate about it, I think the policy is dangerous, unnecessary, immoral deed.

Therefore, any person who declares that he is in a political struggle with the “party of power” wants to win the sympathy of voters in the elections to the helm to bring people with different views on the proper political and socio-economic structure of the country, is a scoundrel. This differs from the Bulk Golunova. Ivan Golunov is a professional journalist, although his investigation few people have read before. But everyone was clear that it is not a politician, he has not said, in contrast to the Bulk of claims on the government. The young guy suffered for nothing, I almost got a real time — people are excited about it, and journalists skillfully strengthened the situation of public outrage, stood up for the colleague.

— It may be that some part of people are just afraid to publicly Express support for Navalny?

— Of course, afraid, and how not to be afraid. Events in Moscow have shown that the power play has ceased and no longer joking, and seriously and firmly. In a sense, terror is an effective tool to intimidate, such methods can be used to keep the power in their hands quite effectively and for a long time.

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