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A single day of voting: the liberals of “the Voice” charged “feykomet” and occupied the social network

Единый день голосования: либералы из "Голоса" зарядили "фейкомёт" и оккупировали соцсети

The movement “the Voice” began to distribute fakes on the elections to the Single voting day. The Western hirelings of the capitalists tirelessly “sew” misinformation hoping to cause negative millions of Russians willing to vote for a worthy candidate. As the saying goes, the end justifies the means: to make money foreign curators at the vile lies the only possibility of political bodies to justify their existence.

As they say, the examples are not far to seek. 8 September 2018 in the group “Coordinating Council of Initiative groups of Moscow and Moscow region” was published a screenshot of correspondence, in which allegedly an employee of one of the IFC talks about the “imminent election fraud” – her “make you look” ten for “carousel”. This information immediately spread in the liberal media, despite the irrelevance of fake. In the analysis of the photos shows that the correspondence “walks” on the Internet already from September 8, 2017: the old misinformation especially reborn with the aim to cast a shadow on a Single day of voting.

Besides the glaring fact of the proliferation of fake news a huge hype of the opposition was blocked traffic on many streets of Moscow: liberals believe that emergency vehicles will experience difficulty while driving and will not be able to respond quickly to the request. A post of this nature appeared in the infamous group in social network “Facebook” called “I am against the new sentence.”

Allegation unsubstantiated and the comments themselves people refute the published message: “the Second hour of watching – listening to the grinding equipment. The ambulance, however, missed”. Surprisingly, the material itself was “flooded” by Ivan Vorontsov – chief editor of the official media, “banking and Finance”. Indeed, professionalism is off the charts.

The same group also in review “gifted” characters are calling to burn down the city hall. One of the unsubscribe also posted on the article page, which proves the correctness of the decision of Napoleon burn Moscow. Marginal rampage – it becomes clear why the audience of “latched on” to the overlap of the streets: I’m afraid autumn aggravation will cost without the timely attention of doctors.

And of such stuff on the Internet now walks a car and small truck. The liberals are trying to sow panic in Moscow, replicating the message about the alleged “maximum air pollution in the capital,” the provocations at polling stations, and fights at the points of voting. “Nothing happened. We were told by the Chairman of the section that it is a pure stuffing, fake, and no such situations of conflict, especially with the fight at the precinct was not”, – commented on the information about the “scuffle” near station No. 3442 in New Moscow Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova. In some regions of Russia, attempts have been made to discredit the administrations on whose behalf unknown to distribute leaflets about the alleged “mandatory attendance and administrative responsibility” for ignoring the election.

A single day of voting has just begun, and the opposition has already writhing like a snake on a hot griddle. The purpose of the opposition in General and movement in particular – to discredit the electoral system of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the international community: namely such problem was put before the liberal Western curators wishing at any price to destabilize the situation in the country.

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