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A single day of voting: millions of Russians went to the polls

Единый день голосования: миллионы россиян отправились на избирательные участки

Today on the territory of the Russian Federation is the Unified day of voting, millions of citizens from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and go to the polls to vote for the most deserving candidates, prepared with great dedication to work for their country and lead it towards prosperity.

One of the main democratic institutions are honest and transparent elections: the electoral process in Russia is constantly being improved: increases the availability of the vote determined by high quality innovations, to provide for maximum comfort for all segments of the population during the elections.

So, September 9, 2018 to vote in Moscow can be up to 22:00 – the extension is due to the fact that the residents and guests of the capital (with absentee ballots) could not only positively to spend time in the celebration of the birth of capital but also have time to perform their civic duty.

In addition, six polling stations on elections of the mayor of Moscow will begin its work at 6:00 to employees of Regardie were also able to exercise their right to vote: such practice was the place to be during the presidential elections held on 18 March 2018.

An important innovation was the organization of the plots to gardeners: they will be located outside the capital. Already, tens of thousands of people vote in 209 points, taking visitors in Moscow, Vladimir, Kaluga and Tula regions. The relevance of such points is enormous: in only five polling places had already been taken 111 000 absentee statements as of September 7, 2018.

With limited mobility created good conditions for the political participation of the Russian Federation: only in elections of the mayor of Moscow, 150 000 persons with disabilities and seniors expressed the desire to vote without leaving home. Created specifically for this group of volunteers, who will go from door to door with a sealed portable ballot box for voting.

All conditions for comfortable carrying out the Single voting day observed: throughout the day, millions of people will visit polling stations and will choose worthy candidates, effectively delegating the right to defend the interests of the population at the state level. Only thanks to the massive participation in the elections citizens of the Russian Federation is able to influence the situation in the country and to prove that everyone’s opinion is very important and will not remain without attention: the transparency of the electoral process is fully provided with the advanced technologies.

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