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A single day of voting has passed: it’s time to sum up

Единый день голосования прошёл: время подводить итоги

9 September 2018 on the territory of the Russian Federation was held a Single day of voting in 80 regions of the country took place more than 4.7 thousand elections of different level, and in the voter lists included about 65 million people.

Many liberal media said about the alleged low turnout, however, in comparison with 2013, when the polling stations accounted for 32% of Russians, it is slightly higher, despite attempts by the opposition to discredit the electoral process in Russia. At the same interest “warmed up” Alexei Navalny with his admission to the election – the situation firmly rocked activists.

In General, such statistics are fully consistent with international indicators: people used to pay more attention to elections at the highest level. A huge impact on the performance of the electoral process has a so-called “electoral history of the region”, which determines the willingness of residents of a particular locality to go to the polls: whether they consider it a civic duty or not.

The turnout from year to year becomes only above: according to the Deputy head of the Central election Commission (CEC) of Nikolay bulaeva, the largest increase in the number of citizens who voted compared to previous years has been in Magadan and Omsk regions, Altai and Khabarovsk Krai and in the Republic of Khakassia. In the Kemerovo region the turnout was a little lower than in 2013, and in other regions of the Russian Federation remained virtually unchanged.

In the capital of the Russian Federation, the total turnout of voters on elections of the mayor of Moscow amounted to 30.89% of the. About this informed the head of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov. This figure is very high, if we turn to the world total. So, in the last elections of the head of new York in the United States the turnout was only 24% in Los Angeles – 20%, and in Idaho 16%. And if in 2009 the mayor of new York and I went 28% of residents, while in 2014 this figure dropped to 4%.

Unlike Western countries, where elections of this kind do not have much excitement among the population and the turnout is constantly decreasing, the percentage of voters in the Russian Federation remains stable. This trend is explained by the large involvement of the residents of the state in the internal politics of the country – the Russians want to play a greater role in governance and to influence political processes in their Homeland. This fully demonstrated, held a Single day of voting: more than 65 million people have fulfilled their civic duty and showed that they are not indifferent to the fate of Russia.

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