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A simple wrong choice of national

Простой неправильный национальный выбор

In the “stagnation” of Brezhnev had no such fear of impending progress and resistance to him.

Putin’s current “stagnation” can be compared with the situation prior to February 1917, when an outdated system of government was demolished by technological development, but could not resist on the path of democracy and fell in the industrial totalitarianism.

Therefore, the most urgent problem is not about how to “topple the regime” (the regime is doomed), and how to build a new society “after Putin.” How to create a dynamic political system which controls the expansion of the powers of the bureaucracy and gives the able-bodied and hardworking citizens to earn and to grow, in defiance of the current system, based exclusively on the division of budget money.

From a system that is configured on the principles of “divide and subtract”, it is necessary to go to the system knows how to “add and multiply”. From the state handing out “fish” budgetary crumbs, it is necessary to come to the state, does not prevent the “fishing” restrictions, excessive control and the arbitrariness of law enforcement officials.

It is much more difficult than holding “overturning elections” or revolutionary change of government. The revolution started without a creative lead to the deterioration of the situation, and often to the dictatorships of extremists like the Communists in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. “Break” is always easier than “build”, and dictatorship, and “hard hand” is a simple clear wrong national choices.

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