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A simple way of “cleaning” of lymph in the home

Несложный способ «очистки» лимфы в домашних условияхLemons and honey help to cleanse the blood and lymph.

Each cell of the body is surrounded by special intercellular liquid through which nutrients and oxygen from your blood flow to the cells, there is fall all the harmful waste products of the cells and toxic substances, bacteria and viruses, penetrating into the body from the external environment.

All these infectious agents may cause cellular damage and even death. Therefore, a need for a constant flow of interstitial fluid, drainage of all organs and tissues, for removal of harmful substances and releasing space for nutrients from the blood.

Then the lymphatic vessels merge to form the main lymph ducts, from which lymph enters the bloodstream. Blood and liver end the processes of neutralization, initiated in the lymph nodes.

Therefore, the state of the lymphatic system largely determines the health of every cell and youth of the body as a whole. That’s how important she is!

Therefore, our lymphatic system is also in need of cleansing, which can be done by using natural remedies.

Purification of lymph with lemon and honey

Cleaning: the 1st day: morning enema (2 liters of water with 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar), to observe a vegetarian diet.

The day to eat 1 grated lemon zest a good steaming (the juice is not warm), mix fruit with sugar or honey;

2nd day: same, but 2 lemon;

3rd day: same thing, but 3 lemons;

4th day: same, but 4 of lemon;

5th day: same, but 5 million, and so on up to 15 g per day. Then, in reverse order, that is, every day one lemon less. Over the last month to dissolve all the deposits, toxins, clears the lymph, the blood is saturated with vitamins.

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