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A sequel to the “Wii” again changed the name (NEW TEASER)

From the creators of epic fantasy “Viy”…

So. From them, I mean from Director Oleg Stepchenko and the company. A sequel to the “Wii” got another teaser, which differs from the previous one… but almost no different. Except that the official premiere date was lit and once again changed the name of his film.

Earlier in “working” the names of the paintings had to go (holding up fingers): Wii 2, Wii 2. Journey into China, Journey into China. Mystery of the Iron mask, the Mystery of the seal of the dragon: a Journey to China, the Wii 2. The mystery of the seal of the dragon. Now just – “the Mystery of the seal of the dragon.”

$ 49 million budget, Jason Fleming, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Charles Dance and Rutger Hauer left in place. Pretty funny to see these names in the neighborhood with the likes of Igor Ogurtsov, Igor jijikin and Andrey Merzlikin – well, okay.

English traveler, Jonathan Greene, Peter receives First order for the production of maps of the Russian Far East. He again got a long journey full of adventures that will lead him to China! The cartographer will face a lot of dizzying discoveries, unexpected encounters with strange creatures, Chinese princesses, the masters of the deadly martial arts and by the Lung-Wang, King of all dragons. What could be more dangerous than to see the eyes of the Wii? Is that to seeing him again… That this time will be stronger — an unwavering skepticism of a scientist or ancient black magic has long seized power in the Eastern lands?

“The mystery of the seal of the dragon” will reach the Russian hire (if nothing changes) on 7 February 2019.

Hall question: can dragons defecate? At least I have after watching the movie one gets the feeling that the local Russian-Chinese dragon just pooped in my eye.

Cm. also: the Writer Maxim Kabir about the “Wii” and its film adaptations

Snack three more character posters:

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