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A sequel to the film “Alien: Testament” cancelled

The official statement of the Studio 20th Century Fox has not yet made, but the sources Screen Rant reported that “Alien: Covenant” is not will continue. However, it is unlikely that someone will surprise you, because company representatives did not hide their disappointment with the box office of the tape, and the only one who continued with gusto to talk about the sequels, was the Director Ridley Scott.

We will remind, in the USA, “Alien: Testament” has collected just over $ 74 million. Worldwide fixed position, adding to the Treasury still 166 million, but this is not enough to consider a painting successful. First, the stated budget was $ 97 million, and secondly, according to rumors “the Fox” too generously invested in advertizing “Testament”, so that continuous losses with these androids and alien. The film received a lot of positive critics from prominent publications, only for the simple viewer it’s not a landmark. Theological research Scott showed Fig.

We will remind, the Director planned several films in the universe of Alien, though by and large already without someone else, say, artificial intelligence is more dangerous than the xenomorphs themselves. Well, I, for one, would like to see where this will lead the Android David these strange playing God, but apparently not destiny.

What this means for the franchise as a whole? It is unknown but it is likely to assume that someone else sent in cryostasis until better times.

However, the wait still official information.

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