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A sequel to “the Blue abyss” is similar to an underwater “Descent”

In September of last year, we found out that the hit shark horror film “the Blue abyss” (47 Meters Down) will be continued, albeit rather conventional. Still serious ties with the original picture have to wait almost worth it, and the story itself will acquire a slightly different scale. Anyway, to steer the project will again be Johannes Roberts, the film has already got the name Down 48 Meters (a meter deeper than the first part!) and got into a schedule of releases.

In conversation with colleagues from Bloody-Disgusting Roberts told something about this project. In particular, the Director admitted that, before turning again to dive into the “Blue abyss”, he was going to shoot another horror. Working title – “Thirteen hours” (Thirteen O’clock) and there will be coffins and burial alive. That is, is not without its horror of the depths.

But back to “the Abyss”. Here’s how he Roberts said of the film:

If I had to present it the most simple way I would describe it as an underwater “Descent”. This is a story about six or seven people trapped in the Brazilian caves, the present underwater city.

“The descent” by Neil Marshall was a good, so such a reference can not but rejoice. The more that went in the company of in the spotlight “the Blue abyss 2” will also be a group of girls. Only instead of a cave of monsters they will encounter sharks. And it is not clear which is worse.

Roberts continued:

We will concentrate on cave diving, as this is the greatest thing I have ever dealt with. I’ve been working with during the filming of “the Blue abyss” in the Dominican Republic. It was terrifying and this is why cave diving seemed like a great idea to continue.

At all comfortable. Make movies and directly in the course of work know what to do.

Roberts also touched upon the main technical point. Most of the scenes of the “Blue abyss” was filmed in an underwater tank Studio, and the same practice Director will adhere to when working on the sequel.

We’ll have to do it in the tank. I don’t want to bring a film crew and actors in the system of underwater caves. This is the most dangerous thing in the world. We all build.

Safety is paramount, Roberts – well done. In General, these descriptions evoke associations not only with “Descent”, but with “Sanctum”. Sharks (and indeed monsters-monsters-animals) was not observed, but the flooded cave tunnels galore. And it was really creepy.

“The blue abyss 2” should reach theaters June 28, 2019.

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