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A sensational discovery has changed scientists ‘ ideas about Mars

Сенсационное открытие изменило представления ученых о МарсеLake on Mars has scientists baffled.

The Curiosity Rover found on the red planet lacustrine deposits, the analysis of which has questioned the hypothesis of the existence there of liquid water in ancient times, according to NASA.

A large number of previously found evidence indicates that in ancient times Mars had a lot of water. The sun then gave three times less heat than now. To keep the liquid on the surface was necessary a powerful greenhouse effect. According to scientists, it could create a dense atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide.

This hypothesis was considered to be leading while Curiosity not found in the Gale crater sediments of the lake, whose age is estimated at 3.5 billion years. The analysis showed that no carbonates. This suggests that the atmosphere was extremely poor in carbon dioxide and could not create the greenhouse effect. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Arose a paradox. On the one hand, on the red planet, there are clear traces of ancient water bodies, with another – now scientists find it difficult to simulate the atmosphere in which water on Mars would remain liquid. NASA attempts to reconcile previously created a climate model with the new data.

“Some believe that the lake was covered with ice, says climatologist Robert Haberle from the Ames Research center. – If the ice was thin, in this case, it would be possible accumulation of sediments on the bottom.”

That would explain the lack of carbonates in the sediments. But the problem is that evidence for the existence of the ice was not found. In the Gale crater no deep fractures and cracks that would indicate this. To find a solution to “reconcile” the conflicting data is not possible.

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