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A sedentary lifestyle shortens its duration

Сидячий образ жизни сокращает ее продолжительность A sedentary lifestyle reduces it to eight years.

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to the body on a cellular level.

According to a group of researchers representing the University of California at San Diego, older women who had dedicated enough time to the movement, from a biological point of view “look” on average, eight years older than their peers, who preferred not to sit still.

The study involved 1500 women aged 64 to 95, the activity of which was monitored with the help of special bracelets. As it turned out, women more than ten hours per day conducted in a sitting position and to avoid physical exertion, had shorter telomeres – the end parts of chromosomes decreases with each cell division and determine if she could share in the future.

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A reduction of telomere length experts believe the main factor behind the biological process of aging. With age telomeres become shorter, but the number of studies in the past have shown that many factors, even down to the peculiarities of human nature, can speed up or slow down this process. Experts suggest that it depends on the telomere length and whether or not moves a lot. Thus, a half-hour charging and Hiking in his spare time, probably can extend a person’s life by eight years, scientists suggest.

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The study presented in the pages of the scientific publication the American Journal of Epidemiology.

At the same time, some experts believe that a sedentary lifestyle affects the health only indirectly. For example, experts from University College London and University of Exeter, in the past, came to the conclusion that the real problem in this case is not the number of hours spent in a sitting position, and lack of exercise. However, most scientists agree that a sedentary life for health can be harmful in itself.

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