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A second before the moment of impact on the Russian su-25. Video

За секунду до: момент удара по российскому Су-25. ВидеоThe Russian plane was downed by a portable air defense missile system.

In the Internet appeared the video of a Syrian rebel who said that he shot down a Russian su-25 attack aircraft, as well as a video of the attack.

This was announced by Telegram-channel 4 Directorate.

On account of the man named Mahmoud Haj Ismail Callsign Castro’s claims that it shot down the aircraft.

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On another video he says that it was not the first group shot down his plane, and earlier they shot down a Il, a helicopter and “two plane”.

Time-lapse lightning held camera new type. Video

The plane probably was shot down by the other man portable anti-aircraft missile complex, as the missile hit and the time of the defeat of the attack was recorded on video.

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