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A scandal broke out around the performance of the Russian actor in Odessa

Громкий скандал разгорелся вокруг выступления российского актера в ОдессеActivists were against the performance of Russian Konstantin Raikin.

Social activists of Odessa were against the touring Russian actor Konstantin Raikin at the local theater.

It is reported by the lawyer Sergey Sternenko on Facebook.

“November 17 of this year in the Ukrainian theater M. Odessa is scheduled speech of the actor Konstantin Raikin, a citizen of the Russian Federation (the aggressor). The person in June 2014 gave an interview where he said that rejoices illegal occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea”, – said the blogger.

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He cited a verbatim quote Raikin: “I Think I’m in some part of his nature does not rejoice that the Crimea was now Russian? Yes, rejoice, of course!.. When I found out that we will not generally intervene in the Affairs of Ukraine, when there are some began these nationalist sentiments, I first thought: “what about Russian people? How Russian city of Sevastopol, which I love so much?”

“Also, who openly campaigned for Putin in 2000 presidential elections and supported the invasion and war against Ichkeria (Chechnya) also Check the information he has visited the occupied territory. If you have additional information — be sure to send me a private message. It is interesting, whether the object of attention of our special services, who will forbid him entry to Ukraine? And if not, what social impacts will this have?” – asks Sternenko.

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