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A Russian scientist did another “loud” opening

Российский ученый сделал очередное "громкое" открытиеUFO revealed a giant UFO in the ice of Antarctica.

Famous scientist-ufologist from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degtyarev did another “loud” opening.

In the ice of Antarctica, he managed to reveal a giant UFO the size of a 12-storey building.

Ufologist was able to find a flying machine during a detailed study of the landscapes of the Earth on different continents with the help of modern programs connected to the satellite. A huge alien ship took refuge on the slope of a mountain covered with a layer of snow and ice.

Discovery refers to the discharge standard of the diamond-shaped UFOs, however, with the exception of her make great options. According to approximate calculations, the alien unit is 20 meters wide and 30 meters long, while its dimensions are identical to the 12-storey building. The ship is made of solid white metal, the origin of which is not definitely determined.

Degtyarev assumes that the UFO had been in the mountains hundreds or even thousands of years until he accidentally bumped into him. More details on the surprising discovery it is possible to see, if you enter in the Google Earth map following the coordinates (72°32’41.03″S, 68°20’1.84″E).

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