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A Russian police officer lost the money seized from crooks

Российский полицейский проиграл деньги, изъятые у мошенников Russian would-be law enforcement “hit” on 300 thousand roubles

The Russian Magnitogorsk condemned employee of the Department of economic security and counteraction of corruption of the local police station, stole a large sum of money held as evidence.

It is noted that the money seized in the investigation of the criminal case on the activities of the financial pyramid. First, the convicted person took a small amount of money from the pair and put them on sports betting in hopes to win and to repay the funds. But he had no luck. Then he stole a large sum and went to Moscow and Krasnodar Krai, where he tried to win at the casino. But here, luck can not find. After that the man lived for some time in Sochi, working as a waiter, and then returned home, where he was met by former colleagues.

As writes the edition, the amount stolen amounted to 300 thousand rubles. pseudo-militiaman was sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally.

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