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A run-in with a werewolf in the passage of horror “Project Monster”

Once met a vampire, a demon and a werewolf… it looks Like the beginning of a joke? Perhaps only here the heroes of the film Project “Monster” (The Monster Project) debutant Victor Matthew is clearly no laughing matter. They got cameras, decided to get exclusive material, and, as usual, was in trouble.

Passing the rehabilitation of former drug addicts is arranged in the team of documentary filmmakers who are planning to interview three people who said they are monsters.

We watched this mocumentary-horror a week ago and overall pleased with what he saw. Yes, we repeatedly saw a bunch of frightened people in a confined space, night, terrible horror around. But here is the story of three humans very intriguing. And the movie overall it was a dynamic and interesting.

Today, the vast Network we have obtained a fragment of film in which hairy in all its glory in front of us is a werewolf. Of course, adjusted for the fact that the frame is quite dark. Heroes, by the way, is not so simple turned out to be: a werewolf got a couple of shots. On the role of cannon fodder, these guys disagree.

In addition, we found also a Russian trailer from cinema club E180.ru. Voice God knows what, but for those who do not understand the infidel, and this might come in handy. Still dubbing is not worth waiting.

The American release of the film scheduled for August 18, 2017.

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