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A review on the movie “Cannibalism” (Antropophagus, 1980)

Joe D’amato is comparable by its place in the history of cinema with Spanish Director Jesus Franco. Both gravitated to erotic, loved provocation, combined eroticism and horror in all available genres, hiding from the angry public behind numerous aliases. Over time, both the Director more and more degraded, unable to overcome cravings for strawberry. The result is known: Joe D’amato completed his creative life in porn, and Franco edited into the detailed shots, which film is difficult to call.

Despite the shocking, provocative work, ineradicable craving for non-filing of the naked body, the inability to make sensuality a part of their film industries, as, for example, the romantic poet and Jean Rollin, D’amato Snell a few definitely talented paintings, proving that they are able to work in a creative, decades ahead of other artists. For example, the whole of Buttgereit out of nekrofilskoe poem D’amato’s “Beyond the darkness”, and “Cannibalism”, being removed after lot of the cannibalistic classic films as Lenzi and Deodato, absolutely not like them, as in the U.S. samples cannibal movie from a masterpiece Hooper to clearly overrated film of Craven (however, it is much better to remakes).

“Cannibalism” has a simple plot, but perfectly made horror, where there is atmosphere, there is an interesting story of a cannibal, and a number of bloody scenes correctly inserted into the narrative, and artistically justified, showing the complete insanity of the killer, brilliantly played by George Eastman. A deserted Greek island, abandoned people, where arriving heroes seem truly heavenly place, where can not happen anything wrong. However, this is only visibility, and the island hides a terrible secret. Somewhere out here is a mad villain, cannibalism which is not the result of eating habits and the manifestation of the disease. Succumbing to starvation in the sea and eating his family, the hero, like the schizophrenic, is forced to endlessly repeat the same action, which drove him crazy. I think he himself would have been happy to die just to get rid of his curse.

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D’amato wisely lined up a picture, showing a great stage that the submarine was a cannibal and the subsequent murder of a couple in love using more hints than showing blood and guts. The horror of the heroine and the bleeding edge of the boat, we can already see that there is. Sometimes it is better not to hamper the imagination of the viewer, isn’t it doubly worse. Unfortunately, even in the movies class A all filled up with meat and covered with blood, reducing the function of the carcasses. All these sequels of “Saw”, “Piranha” and other bloody nonsense – the only obvious example of the degradation of cinema, already unable to scare by day. And the Italians knew how to shoot different movies and even different shoot within a film, combining gore scene with the atmosphere and the quality of the story.

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In the “Cannibalism” no nudity, although there is removed a beautiful actress, one of which, Tisa Farrow – sister of MIA Farrow, which we could see in another cult horror [i] Zombies[/i], no less, and dosed with a big invention uses the shock of the scene. As well in the role of a blind girl here starred the future star of erotic movies of Serena Grandi.

Joe D’amato did not destroy the atmosphere by multiplying the number of optional explicit scenes, because the characters are adults, not teenagers. On the basis of the cannibal from newly born cannibalistic horror, D’amato moved the action from the jungle to the civilized world, to the same chamber after removing the film with a small number of characters and actions. We do not see panic on the island, don’t know what happened there, and whether it is necessary? Probably nothing good, since people left, leaving only a few corpses, one of which will find heroes. It is important that “Cannibalism”, focusing on a few characters, really terrible, especially growing up in the suspense to the finale, where the cannibalism slowly ascends the spiral staircase after the survivors under great music Marcello Giombinibecause it was seen as the rock of fate, from which she cannot escape.

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