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A review of the disposer InSinkErator Evolution 200

Every day after cooking or washing dishes we are faced with the problem of disposing of food waste. Most rely on waste package, which, as the filling begins to leak, smell and create an excellent nutrient medium for reproduction of microorganisms. Of course, you can twice a day to take out the garbage. But not all homes have a garbage disposal, often to run outside, especially in the context of the current quarantine, want not for everyone. Fortunately, there is InSinkErator Evolution 200, which grinds any food waste in a smoothie and sends them straight to the sewer. This not only saves time and trash bags, but also preserves nature.

Steel barrel-shaped housing unit has a height 344 mm and a diameter of 234 mm, therefore it is necessary beforehand to worry about that for him there was a place under the sink. The mass of the chopper as much as 11,6 kg. This is done in order to reduce vibration stress on the shell from the powerful motor. Before installation, you should also consider the power supply.
Patented fastening system Quick Lock allows for installation of a grinder without the help of a qualified professional. Importantly, in the sewers was the siphon-type “snake” (diameter 38 mm), or grinded slurry will accumulate in its lower part, which could lead to blockages and unpleasant odours. The diameter of the drain hole, which is attached to the appliance must be 90 mm. adjustable ring is supplied, reduces vibration. At the side of disposer connect overflow, a siphon and, if necessary, the withdrawal of the washing machine or dishwasher.
The only tool you will need a drill bit with a diameter of 33 mm, which should be in the sink or the countertop hole was made for pneumokoki. Included with the InSinkErator Evolution 200 is just two pads: steel and chrome. Key is connected via a flexible hose to the nozzle on the bottom of the chopper. This approach will protect the user from electricity.
In case of emergencies, there is a small button on the bottom of the device that executes the system restart. On top of the drain is installed rubber cuff, which muffles the sound of the engine and prevents the flight of small particles back. Additionally there is installed a stopper, which is accidentally falling into into the inner chamber of foreign objects when the appliance is not working, and also allows you to fill the sink with water.

Contrary to popular belief, inside the shredder there is no sharp blades, able in an instant to cut off his hand. Using the cuff, the waste along with the water entering the internal chamber with a volume of 1180 ml, the bottom of which is a disc rotating at a speed of 1425 Rev/min. it is attached two steel Cams: turning leftovers crushed to coarse fraction, and the fixed – smaller. Centrifugal force the particles are discarded at the self-sharpening container. Passing through the holes, remnants of food are ground into mincemeat and fall on another rotating disk, the grinding to fine slurry (particle size 1-2 mm), which is carried away with water flow.

For the rotation of the disc meets the 550-watt induction motor, which normally grinds small bones. To avoid deadlocks, the engine can automatically change the direction of rotation of the disk. When some especially strong the bone is not amenable, the device momentarily increases torque by 500% to cope with the problem. If the camera accidentally gets a metallic object, which can lead to locking, the device will cease to apply torque, and the owner will have to crank the drive manually using the supplied hex key. Because induction engine no rubbing parts, and the noise it emits is small, however, InSinkErator provides additional noise insulation system, making operation of the shredder is very quiet in the processing of soft waste.

Before using disposer, it is essential to include cold water: it washes away the crushed fraction and does not dissolve the fat that can subsequently condense on the walls. InSinkErator is virtually maintenance free, because the best prevention for it is a systematic processing of solid foods and the instrument will clear and float drop. To eliminate the odor, you can sometimes grind it peel from the lemon.

What can be shredded in the InSinkErator Evolution 200? In fact, any organic material such as fruits, vegetables, trimming, cleaning, peel, nuts, seeds, eggshells, cereals, bread, bones of fish, birds and small animals, and so on. Not disdain it and your stale soup or porridge. To eliminate of his diet is only strongly fibrous materials (corn cobs, stalks of herbaceous plants, etc.), onion peel, hot fat and skin (the latter being processed well if loaded together with the bones). If you don’t want breakage of expensive equipment, not spill inside wrappers, various plastic and metal objects, plastic bags and thread.

The price of InSinkErator Evolution 200 to about 35 000, let’s understand whether to make such investments? It is obvious that after the purchase immediately starts saving time and money: the trash now I stand once a week (especially true if you have to go outside), and also save on garbage bags (50 pieces will be enough for almost a year). During cooking, there is much less of dirt, so as to clean vegetables and fruits can now be immediately in the sink. Because, that food waste is the main source of the unpleasant smell in the kitchen (why are only the remains of fish), a breeding ground for bacteria and attract roaches and rodents, with disposera you can forget about these problems.

Moving on to non-obvious facts. The disposer helps to keep your sewage system: cleaning large simply will not get inside, and a fine mixture with the inclusion of solid particles passing through the pipes, removes any buildup on them. In 2020 the total area of landfills in Russia has exceeded 5 million hectares, which exceeds the total territory of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Refineries simply can not cope with this load, and the sizes of the bins increase with the speed of 0.4 million ha per year. Recycling of food waste through the sewage system allows to unload the dump, and ground organic waste treatment facilities will make the perfect fertilizer. Environmentalists claim that if the grinders to put in all the apartments within the Garden ring, then this will solve the problem with garbage in the capital.

InSinkErator Evolution 200 to cope with almost all types of food waste, including bones large enough (with the help of automatic reverse and short-term increases in torque). The output after three levels of refinement, the fraction be very small and will not clog up your plumbing. Inverter motor along with excellent noise insulation makes the work of disposer quieter than its competitors. All elements made from stainless steel so robust that the manufacturer gives warranty for 6 years.

In the photos you can see another device. It’s a system cleaning and boiling of water Aquahot HC 3300С Neotanc from the same manufacturer. It allows you to brew tea directly from the tap and save a lot of time cooking. We will talk about it in more detail in one of the following reviews.

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