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A resident of the USA took a picture of a vertical red rainbow

Жительница США сфотографировала вертикальную красную радугу Rainbow has acquired a red color because of the sunset.

Who among us doesn’t know what a rainbow is an arc of heaven, consisting, as a rule, of seven colors. But the American – a resident of Dover of the state Pennsylvania was captured in the photo quite an unusual rainbow, which was almost vertical and had one color – red. How could this happen, I ask the woman, put your photo on the Internet.

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There is nothing mysterious, explain the experts, although, of course, to see and photograph a rainbow – a great success. Pure reason it looks red is because all the other colors of this heavenly arc scattered by dust particles and air molecules hanging in the path of rays of setting sun (which is at the moment almost on the horizon).

As you know, the sunset rays for the same reason, seem red to us because they go a long way in the atmosphere, and far-red in this case, the most “viable”.

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However, experts say, red rays may form only a rainbow, not a direct heavenly track. In this case, it looks straight and vertical only because of the clouds, which almost covers the entire survey, leaving a rainbow-small piece – cut into a flat strip.

Жительница США сфотографировала вертикальную красную радугу

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