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A resident of the Town accused the Ukrainian journalist in the shelling of the city. Video

Житель Авдеевки обвинил украинского журналиста в обстрелах города. ВидеоA man in conversation with the correspondent of TSN said that journalists know in advance the places of attacks.

Shelling in Avdeevka most often after visits of Ukrainian journalists. This was stated not identified themselves as a resident of the city street in an interview with TSN reporter Andrew Tsaplienko.

“After correspondents shelled the city. They know when to be fired,” – said a local resident.

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According to him, the shelling starts, “a few minutes” after the departure of the crews.

“And you know how many correspondents were beaten? People know perfectly well that they begin to bombard the city,” – said the journalist to the source.

In the description of the video Tsaplienko said that audiencein was “not quite sober”, and called proishodyaschee “the result of the brainwashed”.

Members of the journalist, in turn, expressed the view that “biomass is incurable,” and “accomplices teroristov” are almost all local residents – allegedly they bring artillery “DNR” on the location of Ukrainian crews.

The result of losing the information war and completely brainwashed. In Avdiivka, where thousands of people have no opportunity to watch Ukrainian television and watch programs “over the curb”, insanity grows stronger with new strength. Off, then, “vox populi” at Avdeevka street. Or, more simply, a public opinion survey. Notice not quite sober man, who, in turn, relieves me. Cell. “Why”, I asked. “To know that this is all because of you!” – he very sternly responds. Interested. Ask him to come. He slightly staggered fit. And that’s what we have a dialogue with him came out.

– I think, after the correspondents shelled the city. They know perfectly well aware, when they bombard the city.

– Do you think that we know when they will fire the city?

– Of course.

– So, what is the relationship between correspondents and attacks?

– The connection? (Think in search arguments) There are plenty of witnesses. Are, for example, correspondents. Then so (looks at imaginary watch) “Time to leave”. After a couple of minutes, the shelling of the city. Class? (Sarcastic). And You know how many correspondents were beaten? It is because of this?

– For what?

– Due to the fact that people know that they [the correspondents – ed.] begin to bombard the city.

The next day I monitor the Russian (and Pro) online community sites, channels. They replicate all this nonsense. Speaking about the Ukrainian journalists. Delirium in which medieval superstition is seamlessly blended with high technology. Legends about beacons, bugs, laser head guidance (which nobody saw) and the main sacred argument “here about this, any grandmother knows.” The more primitive a people, the more they believe it. But what is news, a special operation, I now have no doubt. The objective is twofold. To drive into the heads of the local “wool” that the city shelled by the Ukrainian military. And clean up the information space in the Donbas from the Ukrainian military correspondents. To deprive people of alternative viewpoints. Hands of the people themselves.

What to do? I do not know. Maybe I should stop looking at the clock? 🙂

PS the Video attached.

Posted Andriy Tsaplienko 14 March 2017 R.

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