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A resident of the Dnieper river got eaten to death by dogs

Жительницу Днепра закусали до смерти собаки Nightmare in Dnipropetrovsk – the dog has bitten the inhabitant of the nearest suburbs to death.

In the village of Pidhorodne, Dnipropetrovsk region on the street of two dogs bitten to death a woman. The victim in the morning just went to work when she was suddenly attacked by dogs. Due to the serious injuries she died near his fence.

Dog owners say that someone opened the gate and let the animals outside. In the afternoon they are usually closed in the aviary and at night they are released into the yard. His guilt they do not see and claim that Pets are not aggressive.

Later these dogs attacked another woman who was walking on the same road. She started to fight back a bag to help also ran to a neighbor. The woman got 10 deep wounds and is in hospital. The police qualified the incident as an accident.

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