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A resident of Texas filmed a triangular UFO in the evening sky

Житель Техаса заснял треугольный НЛО в вечернем небе The object was moving completely silently.

Ufologists are at a loss: in the sky over El Paso, Texas USA recorded was unusual even for experts on the alien ships and aircraft object.

The inhabitants of this settlement, America’s videotaped flying at high speed by a mysterious “white triangle”, and surprised not only is this unique form, but also its bright backlight. In addition, the UFO moved soundlessly, that is, he could be mistaken for extraterrestrial aircraft. Here only very much it is not similar to the UFO sightings that ufologists have in their databases.

This is some damn thing, write American researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations and the aliens, which is not like anything seen by us before. And because all this is not only surprising, but also to a certain extent, scary. Frankly speaking, every year the aliens appear on the planet increasingly and are manifested more and more in an amazing way – what could it be?..

Add to says that the video carefully analyzed the material and verified its authenticity, so over Texas actually flew something completely inexplicable, even from the point of view of accumulated material in UFOlogy.

Some experts note, put forward and suggested that this contraption could be the latest development of the military of the Pentagon. However most users of the world wide web immediately ridiculed this version as it seemed to them even more fantastic than the alien theory.

If the Pentagon is such a fantastic aircraft, quite convincingly written by one of the users, the Americans would already have used them in the same Syria or North Korea. And if the US military yet undecided what to do with the last free from the power of the Rothschild family and world government, States, talking about the “alien” technologies of the Pentagon, it seems too early…

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