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A resident of Omsk have unearthed in the garden the corpse of the former husband of his wife

Nightmare in the village of Luzino: digging in the garden, a man found a dead body. But the horror is even not find…

It was in may of 2018. A local, (Luzino refers to Moskalenskaya district of Omsk), a middle-aged man, was going to plant potatoes. Digging the garden, he came across a… human bones! And almost immediately after that and dug up another skull.

The man turned to his 60-year-old wife, but that the finding did not surprised and advised to bury the bones back in and forget what happened. Moreover, the woman explained that the remains belongs to her ex-husband, whom she personally killed over twenty years ago.

The advice to “forget about everything” the man did not listen, and instead called the police. A woman who is now released under a recognizance not to leave, guilt denied and told that he had dealt with the previous spouse in 1997, and then dismembered the body and buried it in his garden.

According to accused of murdering, her ex-husband was older than her (born in 1945), worked in shifts at the North, and when he came home, we started her in a drunken video to beat and insult. That is why one day she his house and hit him with an ax in the head and killed. Body, she managed to hide, same friends of the slain woman said he never came back with another watch.

…Here it happens. We often hear about “skeletons in the closet”, but if we are talking about Russia, the skeletons are better to look at the cottages and gardens, line.

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