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A resident of Kherson region tried to kill herself with a bottle

Житель Херсонщины хотел убить себя бутылкойDrunk man tried to kill himself with bottle

In the village of Vinogradovo district Oleshkovskaya young man decided to commit suicide with a bottle, but he was lucky to stay alive.

The incident occurred near one of the local stores where all the company men had a rest, drinking alcohol. Unexpectedly, the 29-year-old villager grabbed a bottle, broke, and the resulting “rosette” stabbed himself in the abdominal area.

The comrades who were with him, did not expect such a turn of events as nobody brawled and didn’t fight, guys just rest easy, this is confirmed by the store. The victim would-be suicide was taken to hospital. He was able to save.

Recall that the abnormally high average temperature in the United States and Mexico were associated with a small increase in the number of suicides and the same slight decrease in psychological well-being. A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Global climate change and related processes affect people’s health directly, when, for example, extreme weather events lead to higher mortality (as it was in Moscow in 2010, when the heat and air pollution from wildfires caused at least 11 thousand premature deaths, mainly in elderly people).

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