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A resident of Kaliningrad with suspected coronavirus complained about the indifference of doctors

Житель Калининграда с подозрением на коронавирус пожаловался на безразличие врачей

“No one asks if I’m alive at all”

A resident of Kaliningrad with suspected coronavirus complained about the indifference of doctors

Coordinator of Navalny’s campaign staff in Kaliningrad Alexander Chernikov was in the hospital with a suspected coronavirus. In the video he complained about the indifference of doctors. According to Alexander, the doctors did not provide him with the necessary assistance, although he feels very bad. Moreover, despite the pandemic of coronavirus in the hospital, the weekend.

“What it’s like to be in the hospital? It’s just very sad. In principle no one cares about you. I have a fever of 39.2 lasts 9 days. No one comes and asks if I’m alive at all. Yesterday morning the doctor came, put an IV and everything was gone. If I’m sick, I through half the hospital to walk her, she puts the shot, it does not help. I go again, she again puts does not help, go for the third time all the same. And only when I drink two tablets of paracetamol, I’m starting more or less go,” — said Chernikov.

He also complained about the “disgusting food” in the hospital, noting that it tastes better-fed army. He started having stomach problems, recurring nausea.



“I have this problem asked the nurse, she said, can’t do anything, wait for the doctor tomorrow. I have relatives, friends asked about what the doctor said. And there are no doctors on either Saturday or Sunday. There was no one! And ask someone what to do and how to be, not one. The nurses say that it is not in their competence, “sorry, we rest on Saturday and Sunday,” and you “what you want to do”. I understand that to claim to work seven days a week with. But you can somehow come up with a schedule so that in a pandemic coronavirus weekend was on call any doctors!” he said.

In the headquarters of the Bulk in Kaliningrad reported that Alexander is in tsgkb with pneumonia. He was hospitalized after four visits to doctors, he is now identified in the intensive care unit.

Criticism of the Russian system of health care in the spread of the coronavirus were many citizens. One of the most remarkable statements was made in early March, the Russian belardelli Christina weaver. After returning from Italy she came to the Moscow infectious clinical hospital No. 1 and spoke about the terrible conditions of the quarantine.

In Russia, the week of 30 March-5 April is designated as nonworking. Authorities have asked citizens during these days to stay home. Canceled all sporting, cultural and entertainment events. Across the country needs to stop catering establishments, services and leisure, as well as objects of trade. According to recent reports, Russia has officially confirmed 1534 case coronavirus infection.

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