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A remake of the “Curse” will be released two months earlier

We are not sure that a remake of “the Curse” (2004), which itself was a Hollywood remake of the eponymous Japanese paintings – exactly what we need the world chinkororo and fans of the genre. However, if we experienced actress Lin Shay considers this movie the worst horror movie ever, in which she starred (and Lin starred in dozens of iconic horror movies, including “Insidious” and “a Nightmare on elm street”), to follow the project is clearly worth it.

Here we pay attention to. And the reported date of the world premiere of the new “Curse” has changed, and after it has moved the premiere of the Russian. What is nice is closer, not further down the calendar. If we had waited for the Prime Minister in August 2019, but now the distributors are threatening to release “the Curse” already on 20 June 2019.

At the helm of the project – nicolás Sand, Director of the film “my mother’s Eyes”. The script was written by Jeffrey buechler, to adapt for the big screen “Midnight meat train” (aka “Midnight Express”) by Clive Barker. About the plot of the new tape information is not much, but in General in this damned universe it’s pretty simple:

The curse of the dead inhabit the places where they lived, waiting for a new victim. When the curse finds a new victim — she was dying. And the curse is only getting stronger. And so, killing the victim after victim, once cast a curse as the virus spreads and weaves a network of terror…

In the caste of the movie involved a lot of decent actors: Andrea Riseboro (“Black mirror”, “Birdman”), Damian Bichir (“Alien: Covenant”, “the Curse of the nuns”), John Cho (Star trek) and the aforementioned Lin Shay.

Cm. also: the First photo from filming of the new “Curse”

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