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A remake of “Mad” Cronenberg will shoot in 2018

In April of this year it became known that the famous Sisters Nipple take up the remake of “Mad”, an early film by David Cronenberg. In August it was reported that at the moment is the casting of actors, the specific names, unfortunately, was not performed, but we learned that, perhaps, the beautiful Katherine Isabelle retired from horror. Let’s hope not for long.

Anyway, finally there is information about the start of filming. According to the American film market cameras are supposed to earn next year. A71 Entertainment will assume distribution pattern at home, in Canada, and producers will perform Michael Walker, Paul Lalonde and John Widett from the company Back 40 Pictures.

The team is recruited so-so. Walker and Lalonde responsible for the Thriller “Left behind” poor Nicolas cage. Widett as long as it can boast only of a little-known drama “White wedding”. Oh, and by the nuns of the Nipple is known primarily as filmmakers category B. It is not bad, but here I would like something a little more.

That’s what the sisters say about the remake:

A great honor for us to do a reinterpretation of the “Mad”. Ten years after the beginning of the career of David remade “the Fly,” and it was, perhaps, the most successful of his films. Now ten years later, directing our career we take on his classic movie 1977.

Well, let’s see, maybe this picture really displays the girls to a new creative level. Good material for a remake of chosen very appropriate.

Synopsis the new “Mad” is:

In the accident a young woman named rose is mutilated beyond recognition. However, it is subjected to radical untested therapy using stem cells and rose again turns into beauty. That’s only for this transformation will have to pay a terrible price.

The creators promise of body horror, of which you haven’t seen, and damn it, I hope they keep their word!

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