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A referee with a gun tried to arrest the player during the game. Photo

Арбитр с пистолетом пытался арестовать футболиста во время игры. ФотоThe referee during the match, drew his gun to arrest the player

In the Amateur match of the championship Brazil referee Eustachy Camilo de Souza tried to arrest one of the players right on the field.

In one of the episodes of the match the referee awarded a penalty, was not accepted by the player postadavshih team, which hit the referee in the face.

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The referee then quickly ran to the bench, took out a gun and handcuffs and followed back with the aim to arrest the offender right on the field. However, conceived not fated to come true as the player has long disappeared in podtribunnom room, and the referee stopped his assistants and other players.

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Note that Eustacia Camilo de Souza by profession is a police officer and after the game said he did not consider his actions, which violate the rights of the player. Despite this, he faces a two-year disqualification.

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