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A rare sight: sharks devoured a huge whale. Video

Редкое зрелище: акулы растерзали огромного кита. ВидеоThe video shows two sharks that slowly devour the remains of a whale.

In the Atlantic ocean fishermen videotaped a rare sight – a giant carcass of a whale, devoured by sharks.

One of the sharks was very large – it reached a length of over 3.5 meters.

According to the publication, the carcass was about 15 meters in length, with the intestine of the whale was thrown out to the outside.

The stench was unbearable, when the schooner fishermen floated on the wind, but because they decided to swim to the place against the wind, to consider what is happening.

In the end I managed to shoot two sharks that circled slowly around the whale and bit off large chunks from the carcass. One of the sharks belonged to the mind of the whites.

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