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A rare occurrence: mention the date of the supernova explosion

Редкое явление: названа дата взрыва сверхновой звездыIn 2022 supernova explode in the sky.

Researchers from USA said that by 2022 it is expected an explosion in the sky of a supernova.

The associated scientific paper specialists carried out over several years.

Supernova lights occur at the moment when the life of a huge star stops, or when two stars merge together.

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According to Professor Larry Molnar, a similar event will take place in about five years, it is not known when exactly.

Two stars, which are rotating opposite each other, connect, and there’s a massive explosion.

Due to such incident, the stars will be ten thousand times brighter, so that they can clearly see the inhabitants of the Earth.

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The scientist said that there was one chance in a million that such an event was predicted with the required accuracy.

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