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A psychologist told how to regain lost luck

Психолог рассказал, как вернуть утраченную удачуExpert answered quite a complex issue.

Setbacks happen to everyone, and that’s fine. But psychologically strong and healthy people usually cope with them much easier than the rest, and all thanks to self-irony.

This was reported by the psychologist Ekaterina Melnikova.

“It seems that to expose themselves to ridicule when you’ll nahodishsya in quite a vulnerable position – it’s stupid and not right. However, such conduct inspires respect in others, in contrast to the constant complaints and whining,” – said the expert.

According to E. Melnikova, the main task of the man after he failed to take the lesson, look at your life, learn something new. And then the irony is the best way. Poking fun at his failure, we analyze it, looking for the reasons for this situation, and think through other scenarios. Such analytical work in the future will bring new knowledge and skills. It is very important for self-development.

“Irony is a great way even in the most sad situation to see the positive side, because the joke needs to be funny, and laughter without a positive not possible”, – added the expert.

The psychologist also stressed that irony makes us smile. It is scientifically proven that after 15 minutes sincere smile, the man lifted the mood, he becomes more creative and friendly.

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