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A promising teaser for “Victor Crowley.”

10 years ago in the swamps of Louisiana occurred a terrible massacre. More than 40 people were killed and chopped into pieces. Now death returns. And her name is… VICTOR CROWLEY.

Are you excited?

We — Yes!

A week ago, the Area of Horror told you about what surprise was prepared by the creators of the slasher “Axe” in 2007 on the tenth anniversary of the franchise. Then all of a sudden without warning the premiere of the new film series “Hatchet”, and nobody even knew this picture was being filmed.

The tape got the name “Victor Crowley” in honor of the main villain of the franchise.


In 2007, nine people were literally torn to pieces in the swamps of Louisiana. Over the last ten years the only survivors, Andrew young kept saying, as if the massacre perpetrated horrible Victor Crowley from local legends, but the guy no one believed. And now the fate of Andrew returns to the scene of the tragedy to push nose-to-nose with the bloodthirsty Ghost from the past.

Later, more details emerged about the cast “Victor Crowley” and also the first reviews of the film. However, critics are trying to Express their impressions rather vaguely to do without any spoilers. Say, Director Adam green really asked about it. Well, anyway, the tape is praised.

Unfortunately, it is not known when Crowley gets to a wide audience range. He will now tour for a limited number of cinemas and festivals. Hopefully, with distribution at the picture with no problems.

And while watching this promising teaser. Or rather the teaser that promises a LOT of BLOOD.

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