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A problem with three unknowns. Review of the film “Broken heart Buster”

Buster was once John, the hardworking husband and father whose job as a Concierge on the night shift at the hotel affected his psyche and marriage with sensitive Marty. One day he meets a mysterious drifter and it radically changes his life. It is in the body of wandering in the mountains a man who lives in an abandoned for the winter homes and runs away from the pursuing Sheriff. And then in the body of a wanderer stranded in a boat in the middle of the ocean. All because of a certain event – “inversion” (redirect, change) – moving it between different versions of themselves.

Once popular in the 2000s, the genre of “brain-breaking movie,” abroad received an unofficial but apt name of head scratcher (eng. “head-scratcher” can be translated as “causing to scratch his head”), was gradually lost in the stream of new patterns, and less to the spectator caught my eye such films as “Donnie Darko”, “Fountain”, “Black Swan” or “PI”. It is difficult to say whether this is good or not, but the tastes of the public not rewrite, although the author of this material, as probably any aldovea konofagou, a few sad fact that often the original and more complex work less watchable works with an abundance of CGI and carefully licked HD picture. More interesting to note occasionally emerges here and there indi-tape, trying to recall the existence of head scratchers and open them in something new.

One of these promising bands and was the film “Buster’s Heart Mal”, whose name can be translated as “Broken heart Buster”. You can also find a mention in the Amateur variation of the “Bad heart Buster” (because the official in the national office it is not, then fit any interpretation). He had a good performance at film festivals, luring the audience necherta strange, but interesting trailer, hypnotic game of the stars of the series “Mr. robot” Rami Malek and charming music, and was in limited release in the U.S. and Canada. And recently, its web release.

So today is the “Zone of horror” stocked with math textbook for seventh grade and try to solve the mysteries of this film.

If they are there, of course.

“If you have two roads, go for both” — this old aphorism is best suited to describe the impression of “Broken hearts Buster”. But before you start to think about what this movie is worth to briefly describe what we see there. And we see the stories of three people… and whether one and the same person, or very different, but definitely related to each other.

The first one is overgrown and clearly not quite on friendly terms with the head of a homeless person, wandering through abandoned for the winter countryside houses. Local haunt him throughout the forest area and called each other Buster (eng. “the creeper”, “heart of oak”, “tease”), because his real name no one knows. Buster is obsessed with the idea of a global cataclysm called “inversion” after which all has to change, to turn on the head. He flips the pictures on the walls, draws strange signs and generally lives like tomorrow may not be.

The second is the Concierge of the night shift by the name of John. John constantly sleep deprived and somehow stand up to the rhythm of work-hour of the hotel, but he had no choice, something needs to feed my wife and young daughter. In fact, family is the only bright spot in his grey routine days.

The third unnamed man in the boat, lost in the vast waters of the ocean. About him nothing is known, except that he was the last effort struggling with the elements, drinks his own pee and asks the Lord about the impending death.

Hence the question – what happens here?

Perhaps the Central plot line is the story of Jonah. Once the hotel comes a mysterious stranger (played by DJ Qualls… that’s an alias, the actor), who has no passport and who refuses to give his name. The rules forbid to take such a guest, but after much persuasion John walking towards him and suddenly to discover that this person is somehow familiar to him, as if he somewhere had seen. From a stranger, John learns of an upcoming inversion, which should turn the whole world. After their meeting begins a series of strange events: the numbers of rooms in hotel, roll over, life begins a dark stripe becomes more, and the stranger turns out to be much weirder than it seemed from the first meeting.

Something like that, and starts the story. And I must say, the puzzle of a young filmmaker Sarah Edina Smith from the first minutes amazes with ambition, style and retro charm, evoking pleasant associations with the early prose of Chuck Palahniuk and, perhaps, such films as “PI” and “the Number 23”. The picture creative in all areas: from the refined collection of stunning soundtrack to the game American actor of Egyptian descent Rami Malek, shining so that your eyes are watering, and your heart stops. Vivid living statement emphasizes the cold and brown palette that cleverly immerses the viewer in a warm family atmosphere, capusa icy claws of suspense, destroying the comfort zone. The story is in no hurry to reveal their secrets and holds the screen until the very end… and the brain is where to boil.

Probably the first definition, which asks for language, hypnotic art – house Thriller is a slow burning. Part of the way it is, the concept of the art house for “Broken hearts Buster” too broadly, because, in fact, this is a classic intellectual Thriller about mind games, but with a strong roll in stylistic expression. Here is not only picture but also sound, non-linear construction of the plot and the delicate psychological balance between Comedy and drama. But perhaps the main advantage of painting is that it looks disarmingly… reliably. Enjoyable scenes really nice and crazy and scary – crazy and scary. And do not be afraid of such a vague description, here’s where to worried and concerned.

To conditional disadvantages include the chamber and the conspicuous lack of budget. Alas, the potentially powerful story driven framework for television movie, and though it does not spoil the artistic merits, it is difficult to imagine that people enthusiastically felled him to the cinema. It’s intimate and something outdated movie “not for everyone”, but if you feel his charm and easy, but inevitable rhythm of madness, then you will want to review it again and again.

In conclusion, we should say a few words about the final. At first it is discouraging and frustrating is quite simple and few postertime a feint, however, the impression changes. The key to understanding is the name of the main character – John – what is the English transcription of the name Jonah, and in this context history becomes interesting rethinking of paradigmatic stories about a man made by God in the belly of a whale for the testing of his faith. That adds not one or even two reading events, but did not harm the action of the picture. It’s a Thriller and, hell, very sensible!

Verdict: 8 points out of 10, a great unconventional Thriller about mind games, stylish and sophisticated, a must watch for all lovers of head scratchers.

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