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A problem has been detected iPhone 7 security

Обнаружена проблема iPhone 7 с безопасностьюiPhone stores your location data.

The Live Photos on the iPhone allows you to store location data without the consent of the owner.

This was written by an angry owner of a iPhone 7 from China. She wrote on the social network: “Everyone has the right to know where you are, after examining your photos Live Photos” and spoke about the details of the problem.

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She posted a live photo with your child near the children’s garden, and after some time she was contacted by a gentleman who reported their exact location. The man simply wanted to warn the lady about that “live photo” to store GEODATA.

Chinese claims that any functions of enabling the location of the smartphone she did not include permission to publish the data in the photo are not allowed. And that photo downloaded from the web, you can learn about the place where they were made, she did not like. Ordinary frames, however, such information will not save if you don’t want it.

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