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A pregnant 42-year-old Alla Dovlatov maintains shape through yoga

Recently it became known that the 42-year-old actress and radio presenter Alla Dovlatov is waiting for fourth child. Despite the pregnancy, the star continues to work. According to mothers of large families, it is going to work almost up to the birth.

To remain cheerful and full of energy Dovlatova yoga helps. The actress is training under the supervision of their coach, so do not afraid to perform the most difficult asanas.

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“Physical education-Hello, friends! We with Oksana again on Skype start training today and she asked me to show You this asana Eka Bhuja of Svastikasana I — twisting with coasting on the shoulder. Twisting kindle the digestive system, as well as stretch the back, shoulders and neck. Here’s a great twist, which promotes flexibility, posture. It is very important when twisting at first to pull the spine and then turn around. Twists allow us to straighten in place of the shifted elements of the spine that allows you to relieve the person from back pain and many somatic diseases,” — said of Dovlatov in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

The actress combines yoga with proper nutrition to pregnancy not to gain extra pounds. Alla fasting days on rice with grated Apple.

We will remind, from his first marriage Alla has a son Paul and daughter Daria. From the second wife of Alex Beard the actress gave birth to daughter Alexandra.

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