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A powerful new fiction movie SKYLINE 2

Alien invasion will take place on October 26. At least in Russian cinemas.

Sci-Fi action “skyline 2” (Beyond the Skyline) looks from roller to roller all beautiful, and even skeptical spectators who are not liking the first part, look to the sequel with cautious hope. To succeed at the box office, however, the film Liam O’donnell will not be easy because competition will make “Saw 8”which will premiere on the same day.

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The worst day in the life of detective Mark Corley began with a Deposit for their son Trent and continued the horrifying spectacle of the invasion of alien ships, taking thousands of people directly from the streets, subways and skyscrapers Windows. In a desperate attempt to find the kidnapped son mark gets on the alien ship, where he meets heroes of the first film — Elaine and mutilated aliens Jarod.
Attempt to destroy the ship from the inside leads to frustration and drop it directly into the center of Shanghai, where the heroes save the men of the Chinese resistance. Together, they have to repel the attack of angry aliens and forever to return the planet to those to whom it rightfully belongs — to the earthlings.

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