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A powerful meteor shower Aquarids “spilled” on the Ground

Мощный звездопад Аквариды "прольется" на ЗемлюMeteor shower will be best seen on 5 and 6 may.

The inhabitants of the planet Earth on may 5 and 6 will be able to see the sky meteor shower Aquarids, associated with comet Halley. It was at this time the Earth passes through a meteor shower high activity of ETA-Aquarids, peaking on those dates, but star rain will last until the end of the month.

ETA-Aquarids was famous for his swiftness. They permeate the atmosphere with a velocity of about 66 km per second, that is, 237 of 400 kilometers per hour. Meteors leave luminous plume lasting from several seconds to several minutes. In the middle you can see about 30 this akvarid within the hour. ETA-Aquarids are visible in both the Northern and southern hemispheres in the wee hours.

The southern hemisphere is more preferable for observation as Aquarius constellation where the radiant of a meteor shower, is much higher in the sky in the southern hemisphere than the Northern. In the Northern hemisphere the meteors can often be seen just above the horizon.

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