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A poster and trailer AT the mercy of the ELEMENTS

What to do when you’re a young actress, marred the reputation of shooting in stupid youth franchise? Follow in the footsteps of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, who after the “Twilight” and “hunger games” began to actively act in serious dramas and art films in an attempt to prove that actually know how to play (Lawrence, even so the Oscar got in the end).

Beaten track should Shailene Woodley, starring in all parts of the series “Divergent”, and now plays a Central role in the dramatic tale of survival at sea “At the mercy of the elements” (Adrift). In the Director’s chair sat Baltasar Baltasar kormákur, best known for the Thriller “Two guns”.

The film is, as usual, based on real events. Moreover, it is a screen adaptation of the autobiographical book Tami Oldham Eshkraft “the Sky crimson from grief”:

Together with her bridegroom Briton Richard Sharpe she spent most of 1983 in sailing on a yacht across the Pacific ocean. Both avid sailors, in September of the same year they agreed to take delivery of 13-metre yacht “Hazan” from Tahiti to San Diego. Less than three weeks after the departure of the young people faced on his journey with the strongest hurricane. 12 Oct Tami heard the cry of Richard and lost consciousness after she hit the wall of the cabin. She recovered only a day after the storm. The yacht was badly damaged and partially flooded, and Richard was not on Board. Seriously injured and left alone, the girl was able to put a makeshift sail and pump out the water from the cockpit. With little or no navigation and with a minimum of products, she was forty-one day will make the path length of 1,500 miles and get to the Hawaiian Islands.

In the Russian hire the picture will release distributor Volga, the premiere is scheduled for June 28, 2018.

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