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A plan to put Ukraine on the place

Штаты планируют поставить Украину на место

An adviser to the us President for homeland security John Bolton stated that a key step in “unfreezing” of Russian-American relations is peace in the Donbas. According to Bolton, the election of the President Zelensky is the first step to resolving the conflict. However, this statement has certain implications. On the eve of the talks between Putin and trump in Osaka Kiev should be alert in the States are going to push their own interests, not caring about what the opinion of the Kiev authorities on this matter.

The events in Ukraine in 2014 was the suitable occasion for the United States openly launched confrontation with Russia. In fact, in the United States was trying to achieve not for the “containment” of Russia, “party” was played so that in the end, America was recognized as a world leader. A result which made US proved completely opposite. Attempts to “clean” Russia from the world stage and strangle the sanctions, has led to the fact that relations between the two countries deteriorated. Russia thus strengthened its reputation in the international arena and was the only country that can actually stand up to the US.

Naturally, this situation States was not to the soul. So now, to re-establish relations with Moscow, Washington is going to close the issue of Donbass. But is it really going to affect the situation?

Of course, the States will suffice it to the fact that Square acknowledges the improvement of the situation in the Donbas. In fact, America is seeking only to Ukraine is not “underfoot”, has become invisible and will not fit in the game enemies.

At the next meeting Zelensky and trump next month, Kiev is planning to tactfully put in place: to force to negotiate with Russia and to force to stop the conflict. Apparently, this attempt of States is doomed to failure. After all, Zelensky is his game: he needs to please all the warring parties. If he will agree to a peaceful solution of the question will turn against the radicals. If you continue to fight – remain dissatisfied with those who voted for him, to whom he swore that in the Donbass will be peace. It remains to be seen what arguments will lead the US government and how it will react in Ukraine.

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