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A person can travel back in time, scientists

Человек может путешествовать во времени, - ученыеTime travel at the moment of the development of science is feasible in a technical sense.

A similar statement was made by one of the staff of Ohio University in the United States. He, however, noted that the idea works a little different scenario than believe the fiction around the world.

The assumption Alberta Einsteina suggests that travel at the speed of light from Earth for the traveler would slow down itself over time, however, when he returns, his internal clock will run with the same as before speed. “In the future we get will not be able, however, can take control of the speed at which we move through time. If you build a rocket large enough to provide a constant acceleration, the center of the milky way will be able to achieve over several decades.

You can even stop for several hours in order to dine near Sagittarius a, And then have to return the rocket to Earth,” says Sutter. After people return to Earth he might find completely different planet and society after a few decades spent at top speed in space is equal to 40 thousand years on Earth. The scientist says that according to the General theory of relatively, to travel into the past impossible.

Linked to this is entropy – a law of thermodynamics, which States that closed systems go from ordered States to disordered.

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