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A pensioner has demanded the court to “rejuvenate” it to get girls

Пенсионер потребовал у суда «омолодить» его, чтобы кадрить девушекHe wants to become again 49-year-old.

69-the summer citizen of the Netherlands Emil Ratelband demanded of the court of Arnhem to change his date of birth 11 March 1949 11 March 1969.

“You can change your name, your gender. So why not change your age?” – asks the pensioner.

According to Ratelband, whether he has a passport other date of birth, his whole life fundamentally altered. “If I write on Tinder, I 69, no one will respond. And when I am 49 – I have all the cards in their hands,” he says.

In addition, the pensioner stated in the lawsuit and other problems faced by the elderly. “Being 69-years old, I am limited in possibilities, says Ratelband, and if I was 20 years younger I would not have issues with work, house and car.”

Also Ratelband optimistic about paternity. “Someone once told me that I need to get back to father. I hesitated. On the other hand, surrogacy solves many problems,” – says the man.

From the media reports, the court probably will not satisfy the claim of Ratelband, because in the Netherlands there is no legal mechanism that would allow a person to change his age.

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