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A parrot left alone, staged a “vocal show”

Попугай, оставшись в одиночестве, устроил «вокальное шоу» You have never seen.

Parrots are extremely interesting creatures, they possess the quality that no other animal or bird. Parrots can be taught human speech, and they will even be able to maintain a dialogue with short phrases. This parrot has surpassed their relatives. It’s amazing what he can do.

It was like this. The owner of a parrot may have long suspected that his pet has a hidden talent, but not willing to show them. So the man hid in the house and began secretly to withdraw, what will make a parrot. The bird got bored and decided to include something, and.. .singing! Yes, how! The parrot was singing a song “Chandelier” even better than the performer. Cannot believe this is actually sang the parrot, if not a video confirming this fact. And he sang a couple of phrases, and whole song.

It is safe to say that the owner was very lucky with the bird. May be soon he will be emboldened and will sing not only when he is alone, but to the inhabitants of the house and their guests.

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