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A parody of Michael Galustyan on Ramzan Kadyrov was the occasion for jokes


Last weekend, 27 November, was shown a special edition of the WHC in honor of the 55th anniversary of the legendary program. To congratulate the host of “KVN” Alexander Maslyakov came one of the main stars of the show, the actor Michael Galustyan.

He performed a parody of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Michael, as always, perfectly in character, as Kadyrov made fun Galustyan and over by Maslyakov-the senior:



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“It is not right that a Junior sits, when the older stands, it became known to portal. In the future, offer another way to do: You have to be here, and he’s standing,” the comedian hinted that on stage Alexander Maslyakov is the Cabinet lead at the time, as his son looks at the idea in a chair in the auditorium.

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Also “Kadyrov” was not able not to affect elections in the United States, stating that it did not doubt in the victory of the trump.

Immediately after the broadcast, many began to discuss a bold parody of Michael. Some began to worry about the health and life of the actor, while others noted that the leader of the team “Burnt by the sun” is accustomed to the role.

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“A great parody. Brilliant Galustyan. The scene wiping hands on pants is worth something”, “fancy parody Galustyan on Ramzan! God, I laughed so hard I just golosina, how it was like! Michael Galustyan!!”, “Galustyan has already apologized?”, “Lightning!!! Mikhail Galustyan missing”, “Galustyan will regret,” discussing bloggers Network (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).


A little later, Michael posted a video and signed it: “Thank you for your feedback on #KVN
We wanted to let you laughed.”

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