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A Paradise for the tourist: seven reasons to visit the Canary Islands

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островахThe Canary Islands is the perfect spot for active families with children.

How many times have we said, “Come to the sea, lie on the beach and lie”? A day later, the habit of active life makes itself felt, lying becomes boring, and kids eager to run, jump and climb.

If it’s all about you, go to the Canary Islands.

There are beaches to sunbathe, and plenty of places for outdoor activities. Walking routes, forests, caves, volcanoes: you will not be bored. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

For those who have forgotten geography, we recall that the Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven Islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic ocean near the Northwest coast of Africa. Great climate, marked by many experts as “the best climate on Earth”, makes the island an ideal place for a beach holiday. However, the inquisitive traveller will get much more fun, discovering amazing natural beauty, varied terrain and rich flora of the Canary Islands. As the archipelago is the best suited for an active and fun pastime with children.

Each island has its own flavor and can give travelers the unique emotions and impressions. This does not need to be specially prepared by trained professionals. To climb the mountain cliffs and overcome the turbulent flow, risking their lives in the Canary Islands don’t have. Carefully developed and tested by the specialists of the routes available to each and every family member will really enjoy walking on the next island and discover all its treasures.

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary archipelago. Here travelers will be asked to take the route of the “Trail de Los Sentidos”, which passes through the natural Park of Anaga. Following the trail, tourists can see not only the unique relict Laurel forest, but also to visit historical monuments, take in the spectacular views from observation decks to see how the locals live.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

Gran Canaria
On the island of Gran Canaria special attention is given the route, known as the “climb to the rock Roque Nublo”. Volcanic rocks and a real crater is something really worth to see! The length of the trail is just five miles away, and it is perfect for walking with children. Places that lay on the path in ancient times was considered sacred.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

La Palma
The island of La Palma, one of the highest in the world, and the greenest of all the Canary archipelago, about 35% of its area covered with pine and Laurel forests. And from the center island to its southernmost part is the chain of volcanoes. No wonder that in 2002 UNESCO declared the palm island world biosphere reserve.
The length of the network of prepared trails running through the island is more than thousand kilometers. But do not be afraid: for family time is quite suitable route called “Volcanoes Teneguia”. Came to it the travellers have to go down the slope, enjoying the bizarre landscape formed by volcanic eruption in 1973.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

La Gomera
The island of La Gomera will delight the tourists not only beautiful scenery: it is also rich in historical monuments. The route “Las IAS – Las Creces”, which is to walk with the whole family, begins in the chapel Ermita de Las Ayas and passes by fields, pastures and lowlands. Tire will not work: already after three kilometers after the start the way travelers enter a small grove of trees with picnic tables where you can rest and eat. And further it is possible to literally dive into the story, seeing the island through the eyes of people who lived here centuries ago.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

El Hierro
The typical route to the island of El Hierro is a “Trail de La Lania”, located in the town of El Pinar. Depending on the mood and well-being visitors to the island can choose from three route options. The longest of them is 7 km away, and the short trail will take tourists only 4.5 kilometers.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

Having been on the island of Lanzarote, it is impossible not to visit the cave de Los Verdes – here is the most popular place. The two-kilometer route is available for the children: along the way of tourists accompanied by an experienced guide. Look there really is something: even the most experienced traveler will be amazed by the tunnel of volcanic origin, between caves and underground galleries. Journey into the bowels of the Earth will certainly be remembered by all the family.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

Among the Canary Islands there are very tiny. Five of them uninhabited, including the Lobos, which has an area of only 4.5 square kilometers. But it just that case when “the valve is small, Yes roads”: travelers on the Lobos around exotic beaches with black volcanic sand, ideal to practice water sports.
For more than thirty years, Lobos is part of the nature reserve. Here there are about 130 rare plants, and the bottom around the island is a protected area of reefs of a rare beauty.

Рай для туриста: семь причин побывать на Канарских островах

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