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A pack of posters serial “the purge”

One of the most memorable genre franchises of the last time gets ready to jump from large screens to small. No sooner had the spectators to check out “the purge. The beginning of” how to prepare for a new “Cleansing”. Because soon legally will kill on TV.

Before the premiere of the TV series The Purge remains less than a month, and on this occasion we got six posters of the upcoming show. Masks, weapons, blood – all in the tradition of this wonderful event. Look at the characters, which can be found on the streets during the purge and try to imagine what would have been you? Those in hiding or those who are out to kill?..

The show-run and writer of the series is the father of the franchise , James Demonaco. Here is what he said about the new format for “the purge”:

TV format gives you the opportunity to truly analyze why people resort to violence, why someone takes a gun or a knife to solve the problem. We do examine the purge, its subtleties and nuances, and even study different types of people go to the streets. Do it all in a movie just would not work.

In the cast of the show will feature William Baldwin (“backdraft”), Hannah Anderson (“Saw 8”), Whether Tergesen (“Collector 2”), Lili Simmons (“Bone Tomahawk”), Amanda Warren (“Left”), Colin Woodell (“Not yourself”), Gabriel, Chavarria (“planet of the apes: War”), Jessica Garza (“Six”) and Fiona Dourif (“Curse of Chucky”).

The first episode was directed by Anthony Hemingwaywho is familiar to viewers for his work on “American horror story”.

The series premiere will take place on 4 September 2018.

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